Top 5 Myths About Wedding Planners BUSTED!

  1. CON: You don’t have all the control. When I meet with a potential client during a consult, I stress to them that I will be as involved in the wedding as they want me to be. I understand the feeling of being that bride that wants to enjoy the details involved in planning their wedding day. There are aspects of the planning that you may want to take on your own, I respect that! Also, there are parts of it that you may be less excited about and I can help take those responsibilities off your hands. A wedding planners role is to not only help you stay on budget but, to give you the wedding of your dreams while making it the least stressful experience possible!
  2. CON: It’s yet another expense. It takes a wedding planner on average, 90-100 hours to plan a wedding. There are a lot of work and details involved! Isn’t the stress and anxiety worth you investing in a lasting memory that you will be talking about forever! Women get married once and we want it to be a memory that will last forever with no regrets. Wedding planners’ expertise can help take time off your schedule and take care of all the small details so you can enjoy the experience of planning your wedding! The expense is very minimal when you put the entire cost of the wedding in perspective.
  3. CON: Those ideas the wedding planner introduced you to? You may have never spent that money if you didn’t know about them. I feel that why live with any regrets on what you wished your wedding would be like. It’s important to identify what your personal style is so you can incorporate personal touches to your wedding. This makes it a more memorable event and something you won’t ever forget! A wedding planner can help save you money by being able to give you that millionaire looking wedding on an affordable budget. You may have never even thought that you could get there without the wedding planner. They become your advocate!
  4.  CON: Your wedding may not feel as personal as it would if you planned it on your own. Wedding planners can bring your vision alive by offering suggestions on what they have learned about you to help make your wedding day unique from the rest. There’s no standard in planning weddings. Every wedding is different and is a reflection of that couples style and personality! Also, wedding planners help you take your ideas and make them a reality with keeping your budget in mind! It’s definitely attainable to have best of both worlds.
  5. CON: It could be difficult to find someone you really connect with. There are thousands of wedding planners out there with different personalities. It’s just as important to the wedding planner to connect with their bride. They must see eye to eye and be on the same page. It’s important to do research on the wedding planner you choose and feel that you will mesh well with them! It’s wise to read their testimonials from previous clients, understand their interests, and personality traits in order to find the right fit. Your wedding planner should be your friend, advocate, and confidant.