Top 4 Wedding Technology Trends that Every Bride Should Consider

As technology evolves, it allows brides to take a second look at their wedding and incorporate some great technology trends that will allow brides to not only add a unique twist to their wedding but also allow them to make their wedding planning more fun. If you’re that gadget, tech savvy bride then you may be interested in the following resources available on the market right now:

  1. Selfie Sticks to capture unique photos on your big day. What’s a better way to get unique group photos from your guests then offering selfie sticks on each table where guests will be sitting? This allows for creative photo’s taken that can be shared via Smartphone and shared among guests. For those who can’t be at the wedding, we will be sure to feel like they were a part of your big day!
  1. Fit Bit bracelet. What if you could look back and see the exact moment of when it sunk in that you were getting married, seeing your heart rate at that moment when you were about to walk down the aisle. It’s something you can look back forever! A moment that you can relive ever again! To learn more about the fit bit, visit-
  1. GoPro is the way to go if you want to capture footage that you would have received. It’s a great tool to hide in your bridal bouquet or throughout the wedding location to capture the most unforgettable, unique moments that you may have not been able to receive before. It’s a great way to look back on all the funniest, most personal moments and reactions from your guests dating back to your ceremony. You can get a different perspective of the wedding day from various angles of the event.
  1. Honeyfund– it’s an amazing wedding registry for your monetary gifts, and excursions towards your honeymoon. In this day in age, large percentage of couples are living together before they get engaged therefore you may have your apartment or house already fully furnished with all the kitchen and décor essentials. This is a great alternative where you are able to have guests give you money towards your honeymoon through this online registry or even pay for excursions you would like to do while on your honeymoon. The other option is giving guests the option to do both. When I got married, I had two registries – one traditional option for kitchen related items as well a honeymoon registry. Believe it not, we got a great response with the honeymoon registry with already paid for excursions we knew we already had planned to do on our honeymoon! You can choose to have the best of both worlds. Also, it gives bridal parties or groups of people an opportunity to chip in towards one big excursion or pay for your honeymoon in full. To learn more, visit –