Top 3 Reasons Why To Consider a Winery Wedding For Your Big Day

Winery weddings are a growing trend. They offer the perfect balance of rustic and romantic ambience. They offer a unique setting outside of the traditional ballroom four walls with tables and chairs. This may include a very quiet, yet peaceful outdoor surrounding for your guests to take in the scenery and great aromas of wine. If you are a wine lover, well then it’s the perfect choice. Hye Winery located in Hye, TX offers outdoor horseshoe games for guests to participate in as well. You choose which tree you would like to get married in and only one wedding takes place at the winery per day. It offers tons of privacy for you and your guests to feel like they have the entire space and not sharing with other parties. For more information about Hye Winery, you can visit- Top reasons why to consider winery weddings are:

  1. Offers Unique Setting– this provides an opportunity to create a different ambience for guests. While they are able to take in the sights of a peaceful outdoor surrounding, they are able to also able to immerse themselves in the great smells of various wines.
  1. Affordable Drink Menu- this is a great way to make various wine selections the primary choice on the drink menu. This way it’s more affordable than liquor and it goes with the theme of getting married at a winery which can be accompanied by beer.
  1. Flexibility on Styles- it’s the perfect location to make as sophisticated or casual as you want the wedding to be with playing off the winery ambience. With some personal touches, it can look magical in minutes!